restate presente:


a dynamic live parse show. ( the season is over )

mixte pret a porter printemps-ete 01

make-up by restate.

maintenance. repair. prevention.



? content is king ?

pah !

we consume surfaces.

? and technology consumes us ?


the easiest way to build a web site.

( use what is availabelle )


( imagine )

one single site chosen out ov the wide wide web.

( the chosen one )

randomly chosen by a server side superorganism which utilises a numero ov restate/searchcriteria to determine its selection.

thereupon all appendent files are fetched from their original home server and parsed in real time.

( filtered )

( cleansed )

( purified )

no no images.

no no sounds.

no no video.

no no text.

no no links.

no no lexia.

no no dynamic design.

no no shocking waves.

no no flash animassage.

no no interactive multimedia entertainment.

no information.

no dekor.

no skin.

( i love to work behind the scenes )

bare framework.

all links have been taken over.

( i am the leading difference )

clicking on them will renew the search.

do enjoy my aesthetics ov tacit absents.

( i call it a mutant phenotype )

( form is the possibility ov structure )

skincare. the most sophisticated filtering service for inappropriate content.

( restate/absence )

1 tremendously turbulent troubadour.

0 docile digital dekor.

( i decide what is best vor you )

make-up by restate ( ) ( the season is over )

hair styling by restate ( ) ( the season is over )

black long silk dress by restate ( ) ( the season is over )

fishnet tights by restate ( ) ( the season is over )

silver nubuk stilettos by restate ( ) ( the season is over )

( je suis radicalement entelechic, oui, oui, oui oui )